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How to check if any threats are found on your computer with TechGenie Antivirus

Facing problem in spotting threats on your computer? Not anymore. You can easily check if any threats are found on your PC with the help of Events Log features in TechGenie Antivirus. Our Antivirus keeps a detailed log of events concerning activities on your computer. The Last Scan Log is a part of Events Log, which plays a very important role in monitoring and managing your Antivirus protection. For instance, you can easily check if the update action was successfully performed, any threats found, time elapsed to perform scan etc.

To check if any threats are found on your computer, you first have to access the Events log on Antivirus window and open Last Scan Log to spot the number of threats found. Here’s how you can check if any threat is being registered on your PC.

To access the Events log, follow these steps:

1. Open the Antivirus window.

2. Click on the ‘Antivirus tab’ and select ‘Events.’

3. Events window appears and displays the following information:

Last Scan Log

Scan performed on: shows the last date scan was performed, if any

Scan type performed: shows the type of scan performed if any

Time elapsed in scan: shows the time taken by the scan

Threats Found: shows the total count of malware identified by scan

See, how easily you can check if any threat found on your computer. Simply, follow the instructions given above and spot the number of scans that found.