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How to check and manage Quarantined files with TechGenie Antivirus?

TechGenie Antivirus isolates the malware-infected files that it cannot disinfect. It then pushes the suspicious files in a secure area named Quarantine. Even if any virus is present in Quarantine, it cannot do any harm to the files sent because the files cannot be read or executed.

The quarantined files are then scanned by Antivirus after each malware signature is updated. Now, the cleaned files automatically move back to their original location.

How to check and manage quarantined files? You can perform this task very easily with our some simple solution steps. See how:

  1. Open the Antivirus window.
  2. Click on the Antivirus tab and select Preferences.
  3. Select Quarantine and Quarantine Chest window appears.
  4. To delete a Quarantined file, select it and click Delete.
  5. To remove a file from Quarantine, select it and click UnQuarantine.


It is recommended not to consider UnQuarantine as the same as ‘Mark as Safe’. The file that is marked as ‘Mark as Safe’ is considered safe and is not detected as a threat in all future scans. However, any file marked as UnQuarantine may be moved to Quarantine folder once again if it is found to be infected in any future scans or by real time monitoring.

Aren’t the steps in the above content simple and easy to follow? This is how you can check and manage quarantined files on your PC without encountering any other issue on the way.