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How to block access to E-mail address in TechGenie Total Security and Absolute?

TechGenie Antispam allows you to create and manage your own list of trusted and un-trusted senders in two forms – Safe list and Not Safe list. When it comes to block access to e-mail address, you can go for managing the list of senders in the form of Not Safe list.

Not Safe list is a feature available in TechGenie Total Security and TechGenie Absolute. It is a list of all the e-mail addresses from which you don’t want to receive messages, regardless of their content. Any e-mail message received from an address contained in the Not Safe list will automatically be marked as SPAM, without further processing.

Now, see how you can block access to e-mail address with the help of a few simple steps:

  1. Open Antivirus window.
  2. Click Antispam tab on the upper toolbar.
  3. In the List Management window, click on Manage Not Safe list.
  4. Select e-mail address radio button.
  5. Enter the e-mail address. You can type (or copy and paste) the e-mail address to the executable in their corresponding field.  Syntax:
  6. Click Add. The e-mail address will be added to the list of blocked e-mail addresses. If you change your mind and want to delete an item from the list, click the corresponding Remove button.
  7. Click Save to store the changes and close the window.


You can also block access to domain names. For instance, all email messages received from the blocked ‘’ will automatically get tagged as SPAM. This is how TechGenie Antispam helps you in keeping your inbox free from unwanted e-mail messages whether they are coming from senders or from any particular domain.