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How to access the Internet Events in TechGenie Total Security and TechGenie Absolute?

Internet Events is a component available in TechGenie Total Security and TechGenie Absolute.

With Internet Events, you can easily check the history of Internet activities that had taken place on your system. You can find this feature under Parental Control category.

Parental Control enables you to control access to the Internet and to specific applications for each user holding a user account on the system.

Once you have configured Parental Control, you can easily track what a user is doing on the computer. This feature does sound great when it comes to protect children from online stalkers, predators or those who befriend the innocent for nefarious purposes.

If you have a computer, with Internet access and a web browser, you can configure Parental Control to block:

  • Inappropriate web pages.
  • Internet access
  • Applications like games, chat, file sharing programs or others.

Now, how to access the Internet Events, so that you know what all events have taken place on your system. See how to go about it:

To access the Internet Events, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Antivirus window.
  2. Open Parental Control tab on the upper toolbar and click on the Events button.
  3. Click Internet Events and a window appears that displays detailed information of user accounts, events, date and time.


This is how you can check events that took place on your system. Monitoring events happening on your system is a good way to track your child’s activities.