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How Encrypt and Decrypt works in TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro and Absolute? 

Encrypt and Decrypt is a feature available in TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro and TechGenie Absolute. This tool allows the user to secure their important and confidential data by encrypting it along with password protection.

Here are the steps to access Encrypt and Decrypt tool:

  • User needs to double-click on the Encrypt and Decrypt to use the tool.

  • It will be followed by the PC Optimizer Pro warning box and in order to use the tool user needs to click on YES.


Here are the steps to Encrypt data file/folder:

  • When used for the first time, it will ask to create password. Next time onwards, it will not ask the user to create the password and will use the same password. It will be followed by a message to memorize the password.

  • User needs to choose the data file/folder that needs to be encrypted and then click on Add.

  • Once the data is chosen, user will then click on START to encrypt it.


Here are the steps to Decrypt the data file/folder:

  • User needs to choose which encrypted file he/she wants to decrypt.

  • Once the data is selected, then user needs to click on START. It will ask the user to enter the password.

  • Once the correct password is entered, it will decrypt the data else, it will throw a message box to enter the correct password.

  • Once the correct password is entered, it will start the decryption process.

Encrypt and Decrypt function is available under PC Optimizer Pro component. PC Optimizer Pro offers capability to scan and fix common problems that a consumer faces owing to the prolonged use of the computer.  It improves the overall performance of a computer.