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How does PC Optimizer in TechGenie PC Optimizer Free, PC Optimizer Pro and TechGenie Absolute scans a computer? 

PC Optimizer is a component present in three TechGenie Products – TechGenie PC Optimizer Free, PC Optimizer Pro and TechGenie Absolute.

It is a set of different PC maintenance tools that work together to improve the overall speed and performance of a computer by scanning and fixing common problems that a consumer faces due to the prolonged use of the computer.  It powers up games, web, and multimedia applications for peak performance.

The functions of PC Optimizer are as follows:

  • PC Optimization
  • Internet Optimizer
  • Registry Cleaner
  • Disk Defragment
  • System Security Advisor

The PC Optimization module provides one-click solution for most of the computer issues. It has two features – normal scan and custom scan. Normal scan offers preset settings to optimize the computer, whereas in Custom scan a user can opt to run the tool as per his/her need.

Now, let’s have a look at how a user can scan his/her computer with TechGenie PC Optimizer:

  • Once the user identifies what needs to be fixed, he/she needs to check the box (Custom Scan) or simply click on SCAN NOW.
  • After scanning, a user can view the reported issues by clicking on Details.
  • After reviewing he/she can choose what to remove by selecting the checkboxes in front of each reported issue. To fix the issues the user needs to click on FIX NOW.

This is how TechGenie PC Optimizer scans a computer and fixes problems while boosting the PC’s performance.