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How does Internet Optimizer in TechGenie PC Optimizer Free, PC Optimizer Pro and Absolute works?

Internet Optimizer is a feature available in TechGenie PC Optimizer Free, PC Optimizer Pro as well as in TechGenie Absolute. Internet Optimizer as a tool offers a single click option to tune and optimize the Internet connection.

You can choose the single-click option to optimize the Internet connection by either by running the normal scan or custom scan. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Once the user selects the desired options, he needs to click on SCAN NOW.

  • After scanning, the user can review the reported issues by clicking on Details.

  • After reviewing he/she can choose what to remove by selecting the checkboxes in front of each reported issue. To fix the issues the user needs to click on FIX NOW.

Internet Optimizer falls under the category of PC Optimizer which is a set of different PC maintenance tools that work together to improve the overall speed and performance of your computer by clearing out unnecessary clutter and by resolving all the memory issues.

This is how TechGenie Internet Optimizer works and boosts the speed of your Internet connection.