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How does Disk Defragment in TechGenie PC Optimizer, PC Optimizer Pro and TechGenie Absolute works? 

Disk Defragment is a feature available in TechGenie PC Optimizer Free, PC Optimizer and TechGenie Absolute.

Disk Defragment option comes under PC Optimizer which offers the capability to scan and fix common problems a consumer faces due to the prolonged use of the system (computer). These are common issues, which can be fixed by using the tool in the simplest manner possible.


Now, how the Disk Defragment works? There are times when your computer becomes cluttered and clogged by files and folders that lie scattered in your system’s hard disk for years and years together. If left unattended, this clutter can reduce your system’s overall performance and lifespan. So, it is better to eliminate the risk before it starts affecting your PC.


Here comes the job of Disk Defragmentation. This tool eliminates junk and increases access speed by rearranging files stored on a disk to occupy contiguous storage locations. Later, you can analyze the hard drives simply by clicking on Analyze option, and if the user still finds the need to clear out the junk, he/she can then repeat the process by clicking on Defrag option.


Don’t you think the Disk Defragmentation has made your job easy? Make the most of it and let your PC give you the best performance.