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What is Events log in Firewall in TechGenie Total Security and Absolute? 

To know what an Events log is and how it works in Firewall, first it’s important to know what a Firewall is and how it is connected to Events. Well, the Firewall is an important component of TechGenie Total Security and Absolute that protects your computer from inbound and outbound unauthorized connection attempts on both local networks and on the Internet. The Firewall is quite similar to the security personnel at a highly guarded office or government building that keeps track of connection attempts and decides which to allow and which to block.

The Events log on the other hand is a part of Firewall, which gives a comprehensive listing of events regarding the Firewall module usage like, enabling and disabling firewall, traffic blocking, modifying settings, etc. It also presents a comprehensive list generated by the activities detected by this module like, scanning ports, blocking connection attempts or traffic according to the rules, etc. You can view the Event details by simply clicking the Events Log.

So, now you understand what an Events log is and how is it connected to Firewall. Well, Events log is a part of Firewall, which gives complete details of any events taking place in your PC and helps you view those details in a very easy and convenient manner.