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How to edit General Rules in Firewall in TechGenie Total Security and Absolute? 

Not sure how to edit General Rules in TechGenie Total Security and Absolute? Here, we can tell you the best way to do the edit it along with some useful information. Well, the General Rules is one of the features of Firewall, which is again one of the components in TechGenie Total Security and Absolute. The Firewall protects your computer from inbound and outbound unauthorized connection attempts on both local networks and on the Internet.

You can think of Firewall as security personnel at a highly guarded office who keeps track of connection attempts and decides which to allow and which to block. It uses two types of rules to filter transmitted data from your system, the Firewall Rules and Firewall Activity.

The General rules is a part of Firewall rules, which determines the protocols over which communication is allowed, whenever data is transmitted over the Internet. General Rules combines a set of default rules that provides optimal protection to the computer and allows you edit it by allowing or denying connections over certain protocols.

The steps to edit General Rules follow below: 

1.  Open the Antivirus window.

2.  Click on “Rules” and “Manage Firewall Rules” window will appear.

3.  Select the “Firewall Rules.”

4.  Under “Firewall Rules”, click “General Rules.”

5.  A new window will appear where all the current rules are displayed.

6.  To edit a rule, you need to click on its corresponding arrow in the “Action column” and select “Allow” or “Block.”

7.  Now click “Apply.”

This is how you can edit General Rules in Firewall component of TechGenie Total Security and Absolute. Well, making the changes in your TechGenie product is easy, all you need to do is carefully follow the steps and make the changes as required.