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Data safety on mind? Here's the best choice!

Smart tool to protect your sensitive data & network in a jiffy.

Encryption & Decryption

On the fly encryption for complete data protection

Do you throw your important documents in trash – the ones that contain your confidential information including your social security number, bank account details, and phone numbers? No, you safely shred all the documents to make them inaccessible. How about protecting your digital files and folders that store a vast amount of confidential data and are at a constant risk of security breach? Such files need protection too.

You can now protect all your sensitive and confidential data from being accessed by unauthorized users by using our latest data Encryption and Decryption utility. It password-protects your data so that no one can read or access it without your consent, especially when you send it through an unsecured channel, like a public mail server. The program performs true bit-per-bit encryption of your data for complete security. It is an endpoint encryption solution that uses industry-leading algorithm to provide comprehensive, customized, and managed data protection service for all your sensitive files and folders.

Key features

  • Encrypted document sharing

    Password-protected strong encryption methodology easily protects your files and folders from hackers and unauthorized users.
  • Removable media encryption

    Though off-the-shelf USB device is an inexpensive medium to carry information from one place to another, it is prone to the risk of data loss. Our data Encryption and Decryption utility secures information saved on your USB drive for your complete peace of mind.
  • On the fly encryption and decryption

    Our centralized key management service allows you to easily share encrypted documents among individuals or groups. The encryption and decryption happens on the fly and files can be readily accessed after providing the password.
  • Protects data on shared as well as local networks

    Our Encryption and Decryption tool provides extra layer of protection for all your data stored on your PC’s hard disk, whether your computer is on or off. Not just this, it also protects files and folders that are shared on network drive to prevent your confidential information from going into wrong hands.

So, switch to TechGenie Encryption and Decryption utility and empower your computer with a centralized data encryption solution that provides comprehensive and customized data protection service for your valuable data assets.