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Email Sensitivity Levels

Set anti-spam filters as you may like


Are your important e-mail messages suppressing down under the weight of unregulated spam, unwanted newsletters, and dumb jokes hoping to catch every second of your attention? Do you find your inbox messed up than ever due to the regular inflow of spam e-mail messages that makes reading and addressing important communications difficult? Digital clutter is a curse, especially when it is clogging your inbox and hampering your productivity. Now stem out the tide of spam and unwanted messages by assigning appropriate sensitivity levels to your antispam filter for proper and regulated control. With TechGenie Email Sensitivity Levels tool, you can automatically select sensitivity levels according to the spam you receive to filter out all the junk messages without missing on your important communications.

With three different detection levels, our tool regulates your e-mail scanning activity to refine spam detection levels according to your needs and desire.

Email Sensitivity Levels:

  • Normal - This level will provide a fine balance between the scan speed and sensitivity. Select this level if you receive a moderate amount of spam.
  • Permissive – Need highly precise spam detection? Set your Email Sensitivity Levels to permissive and get rid of all the spam you receive.
  • Aggressive – Is your inbox cluttered with a lot of spam? Choose your Email Sensitivity Levels to aggressive. However, at this level, the scan speed becomes slow due to high amount of spam. Hence, this level should be chosen only in the event of a spam flood.

Remember, the higher the sensitivity, the better the scrutiny. Need more information on TechGenie Email Sensitivity Levels tool? Get in touch with our expert technicians for complete help and advice.