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Duplicate File Finder

Create hard disk space & delete junk

Within a year of use, your expensive computer reduces down to a reminiscent of your family garage – with junk expanding to occupy all the available space. This junk, if left untouched can turn your computer into a digital volcano – ready to erupt any day. Why wait?

Reduce the extra load from your computer with the help of Duplicate File Finder. It is a comprehensive tool designed to find and delete all the duplicate files scattered over your home and office network. TechGenie Duplicate File Finder takes care of all the duplicate photos, documents, MP3 files, spreadsheets, and more! The streamlined user interface is fast and convenient to use. Scan results are displayed as a list in the result tab from where you can easily select the files by looking at their file size, date, and location.

Remember, your computer isn’t fully optimized until you have removed all the unnecessary file clones. Let TechGenie Duplicate File Finder do that job for you!


  • Powerful search engines that locates duplicate files by byte by byte comparison.
  • User-friendly interface designed especially for experienced as well as novice users.
  • Finds and locate files with same name, same contents, and zero size.
  • Easily finds and removes duplicate pictures, MP3 songs, and video.
  • Competently distinguishes files that have even a little difference.
  • Works well with removable media devices like USB drives, external hard drives, etc.
  • Customized options let you find duplicate files from selected folders, without unnecessarily scanning the whole drive.
  • Allows important folders to be excluded from scanning.
  • Permits you to skip hidden files and folders.
  • Save results for later review.


  • Identifies wasted disk space.
  • Reduces time for backups.
  • Minimizes time needed for virus scanning.
  • Increases free space on hard drives and memory disks.
  • Trims down file search time
  • Eliminates synchronization problems
  • Safe and reliable
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