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Freedom from sluggish spam filters!

Ultimate spam management tools for the safety
of your inbox.

Detailed Event log

Manages Spam Real Time

Your antispam filters might be using all kinds of clever strategies to keep your inbox free from unnecessary clutter. But do you get to know the details of all the e-mails that are being marked as spam and are kept out of your inbox? Do you fear losing important e-mails due to spam filtration? Well, you need not anymore! TechGenie Detailed Event log gives you a detailed list of all the e-mails that have been marked as spam so that you can closely scrutinize and retrieve promotional material, e-mails, and newsletters that you might have genuinely subscribed for and are important to you.

Our Detailed Event log provides real-time and comprehensive spam management service that provide detailed information on the spam e-mails that are filtered out as junk. This includes all the details, including time and date of receiving the e-mail, along with complete information about the sender and the details of all the other recipients (if it has been sent to multiple recipients) for closer analysis.

It also shows a panel that contains monitoring statistics, fed from the data collected from our active antispam monitoring engine. The dashboard can be zoomed in to view individual records. You can also create rules and filters to set out event details as per your needs and preferences.


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