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Detailed Activity Report

Do you want to closely monitor the activities of your firewall software to analyze all the recent inbound and outbound events? Now you can easily check the history of your firewall related events by simply using our Detailed Activity Report tool. It is a log analytics and configuration management tool that gives you detailed information about intrusion detection, virus attacks, and all other kinds of security threats.

The tool automatically logs all the configuration rules, firewall settings, and their operational state. It can be easily used for end-point security monitoring & analysis, change management, your Internet monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, as well as security & compliance audit reporting. Whenever you add, remove, or make any change to the settings, the tool logs it for future reference. It also helps you track attacks, intrusions, website access, traffic details, and show your network’s bandwidth for effective usability. Other than this, you also get complete security reports like “Denied attempts,” “compromised attempts,” “Port scans,” and “Virus and malware attacks”.

Key features

  • Automated Firewall Change Management

    Don’t let anyone punch holes in your network security! Take advantage of our Detailed Activity Report to find out ‘who’ made ‘what’ changes in your network security settings. It’s important to know the changes made in your network security setting, so that you can timely manage your PC security from potential threats and viruses. With automated firewall change management you can easily view the list of changes made in your network security.
  • Automated network log management

    Use our tool and automate the process of searching, collecting, analyzing, and reporting firewall activity logs to detect all kind of network anomalies. This feature enables you to strengthen your PC security shield effortlessly, for better protection and security against the network irregularities. The automated search works like an expert in detecting and analyzing various network anomalies, giving you a better protection for your PC.
  • Real-time monitoring

    Our Detailed Activity Report provides real-time monitoring for active threat protection to optimize firewall rules for zero-day protection.  While you are browsing Internet, your PC remains safe from all active threats. This feature enables you with safer browsing sessions by filtering, blocking malicious threats round the clock.
  • Comprehensive event log tracking

    Simplify your event log management and maintenance by archiving, consolidating, and monitoring your firewall activities. With this feature you are enabled to monitor your network, server and other computer activities. It also enables you to view the firewall activities. At the same time it also secures your PC from every potential threat.

So, download our TechGenie software and deploy robust, scalable, and flexible security across your network for complete peace of mind.