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Detailed Activity Log

Record & Maintain PC Activity Routines

Not only to prevent children from accessing unsafe websites and content, a detailed activity log of Internet activities can also help you to analyze and understand their preferences and thereby suggest to them meaningful, educative, and fun online content. Yes, there are positives too that you can explore using the Detailed Activity Log tool of TechGenie!

This tool does your homework for you. It keeps record of all internet activities – sites visited, time spent on each site, content downloaded, etc. This log is neatly maintained in the application files and you can access the data anytime you want. Depending upon the purpose (of setting the log), you can use the detailed logs to accordingly educate the users of the PC or restrict access to particular content (you can use Apps and Games Blocking, Website Blocking, Keyword-based Blocking tools of TechGenie).  The Detailed Activity Log feature enables you to record online activities of a PC user in the most effortless and precise way.

And yes, if you do not want this activity log to be visible, you can have it hidden in your PC too. So, while you will have a log of all online activities, this activity itself will remain very privately available to you…

Key Features

  • Records activities privately
  • Maintains the records till you need them
  • Details the logs
  • Keeps the logs private