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Data Backup and Restore

Back up today for a safer tomorrow!

Take the hassle out of manually backing up all your digital content and put your computer in total control. TechGenie Data Backup and Restore tool is a convenient and the most secure way to backup all your digital files, including valuable documents, important e-mails, treasured family photos, and essential contacts. This feature-filled, automated backup process takes complete care of all your digital entities by quickly and efficiently backing up your entire system.

There’s no capacity limitation, so you can now protect your computer from hardware failures, crashes, and virus attacks without worrying about the storage capacity. So, start your data back up today for a safer tomorrow!

Key features

  • Powerful and robust

    Completely automated data backup makes the process simple and seamless. You can now backup all the files and folders to virtually any media, including local, external, network, CD, DVD, and Blu-ray.
  • Safe and Secure

    Military-level encryption makes the backup process completely safe. It ensures absolute protection from hackers and spammers to give you complete peace of mind.
  • Resource friendly

    This time-saving utility quickly backs up all your files without slowing down your computer. It is also light on your system resources.
  • Backs up all the important data

    TechGenie Data Backup and Restore tool backs up all your important documents, pictures, and music files to protect your computer from sudden disasters. It also backs up external, network, and other storage drives attached to your computer.

So, take the advantage of our Data Backup and Restore utility and secure all your files and folders for complete data protection.