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Common Problem Troubleshooter

Get Rid of Common PC Issues


Are you fretting over computer issues and feel you are the only unfortunate one? Don’t you worry, you aren’t the only one. Most computer users, globally, face common PC issues that are small but nevertheless irritating. While it may not take you forever to fix these issues, would it not be great if you had something that could automatically take the burden off you? Of course it would reduce numerous hassles to start off with, other than saving your time and efforts!

TechGenie offers you a maintenance tool – Common Problem Troubleshooter that takes care of almost all common computer bugs and provides you fixes that ensure that your PC is always up and running. So, whether you are trying to resolve a frozen screen issue or system overheating problem, attempting to fix the web connectivity issues or trying to enhance the speed of your PC – you can trust Common Problem Troubleshooter to resolve these and many more issues for you.

A simple yet productive tool, the Common Problem Troubleshooter fixes the regular system errors and tunes up PC memory usage. Among others, it helps you to:

  • Remove temporary system files
  • Cleanup junk folders and files
  • Enhance the speed of the Internet
  • Optimize disks
  • Improve memory utilization

Once your PC is free of unwanted data and junk mails, it will have better space and therefore result in giving you better performance. More system space means you will have fewer PC issues to deal with.

With Common PC Problem Troubleshooter available to help you get rid of the common PC problems, why should you bother at all? Just have this easy to install-and-use maintenance tool deployed on your system and sit back and enjoy a wonderful computer experience.

Note: Common Problem Troubleshooter is not available for Windows 8.