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Browser Protection

A safe browser means a safer digital life

TechGenie Browser Protection is a tool that gives you that much needed additional security layer that keeps you safe, while you surf the web. Once installed, you can surf and search the net without any tension of landing on any malicious website. The tool silently works round the clock, scanning every webpage and website that you open and alerts you if a website isn’t genuine or has been hijacked.

To put it simply, this tool checks for all security vulnerabilities and fix issues that may be present. To protect yourself and your family from different online threats, all you really need is our TechGenie Browser Protection Tool. 

Key features

  • Finds malicious websites for you

    The Internet is full of webpage and websites that are malicious and carries content that are inappropriate. The browser protection tool protects you from landing into such webpage and websites. Imagine a trustworthy source that is continuously looking out for malevolent web content, only to keep you safe! It works in the background and lets you focus on your work completely without having to yourself bother about the authenticity of a website you are attempting to open.
  • Alerts you against a potential threat

    The Browser protection tool from TechGenie provides a shield browser usage. This browser protection tool is active throughout your Internet based sessions and keeps you protected from dangerous websites by sending you alerts. After finding a dangerous website, it sends you an alarm stopping you from accessing the website. All you need to do is take this alert seriously and immediately move away from that website.


  • Keeps your browser from getting hijacked

    Browser protection is a must before any webpage or website is visited. Protecting a browser provides an extra layer of security from malicious software. Hijacker’s target the browsers mainly, through which malicious software are sent to your PC. Browser Protection secures your browser completely and prevents intrusions and hijacks. As a hijack can put all your sensitive information (data, passwords, etc) at risk, this tool eliminates the possibility (of a hijack) entirely.

If you have not yet installed Browser Protection on your PC, do it now. Only timely and appropriate measures can make sure that you have a secured digital life. A stitch in time saves nine, now is your time to act up…