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Application & Games Blocking

When you want to have fun, the safe way...

The Internet offers an easy access to everything – information, downloadable content, audio and video clips, and even games that give a user a near-real experience. While some of the content is informative, fun, and safe; there are others that may not contain the above-mentioned qualities. To keep a strict check on the latter, especially if you have young users at home, you may require blocking particular games and other applications. TechGenie has a significant component that allows you to block only particular games and applications while allowing you to continue enjoying the rest. Certainly, not all gaming sites are unsafe and you wouldn’t like taking the fun out of a gaming session by blocking even the fun ones. Therefore, choose and restrict only the particular ones that may contain adult, violent or immoral content and streamline your searches in a better way.

This handy feature also takes away the tension of unnecessary app purchases, unwanted ones, as you can control downloading and purchasing apps that you do not require – simply by blocking them.

You couldn’t ask for a better facility than not having to worry round the clock about accessing unsafe games and unnecessary applications. Could you? Install TechGenie and take delight in the adrenaline rush of your favorite games.