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TechGenie Free Antivirus - Safety At Its Best.

The best virus protection, everytime you need it.TechGenie is here.

Antivirus software

Say goodbye to viruses!

Do you trust your antivirus software completely? Do you miss a heartbeat every time you push the ‘Send’ button while doing bank transactions from your computer? Get complete protection with TechGenie Antivirus tool and scrub off even the most aggressive, hard-to-remove infections that less sophisticated products often miss. Its ultra-fast defense layer quickly blocks multitude of threats much before they can attack your PC.

With layers of protection, our antivirus software detects and eliminates viruses and spyware quickly and efficiently. Not just this, its blazing fast performance, quick browsing speed, and improved file scanning capabilities block threats and infections without overloading your computer with pop-up warnings and unwanted restart requests.

Key features

  • Customized security to suit your needs

    Simple controls and customized options keep your computer virus-free. It is the best way you can customize your computer according to your needs and personal computing habits.
  • Surf without worry

    It provides complete protection from all the latest viruses and adware so that you can safely browse the web without any worry. Its intelligent operation and quiet background action blocks all viruses without slowing down your computer.
  • On-access scanning for complete security

    Viruses often move from an infected file and latch onto the files that are saved on your computer. Our antivirus software repeatedly checks your files every time you access them for complete and all-round protection.
  • Auto Clean functionality

    Featuring an on-demand scanner and real-time protection ability, the antivirus tool provides superior protection from viruses. Not just this, it frees you of the hassle of manually cleaning the quarantines by automatically deleting all malicious items that it finds on your computer.

The Antivirus Software from TechGenie is a full-proof Virus Protection for your PC that can detects, blocks, and eliminate viruses and adware.