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TechGenie Antispyware - Keep spies at bay!

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Secure your browsing experience!

Everyday thousands of people fall into the spyware trap – a scenario that should be really enlightening. Spyware easily get downloaded on your computer from websites, e-mails, instant messages, and direct file sharing. They transmit your personal information to a third party, without your explicit consent.

Now protect your computer from spyware attack through our robust Anti- Spyware program that provides simple, yet effective protection against dangerous spyware. Our Anti-Spyware tool provides complete protection from dangerous spyware and defends your personal as well as browsing information from prying eyes. It detects and stops all the latest and most malicious spyware from entering your computer by providing multiple layers of protection. So, with our Anti- Spyware utility, you can now shop, surf, socialize, as well as share information without worrying about spyware attacks.

Key features

  • Engineered for speed

    It scans your PC quickly for all possible threats without compromising your productivity or system speed.
  • Powerful protection

    With multiple layers of protection, our Anti-Spyware utility stops all the malicious spyware attacks much before they can infect your computer. Once a file is downloaded, and you try accessing it, our Anti-Spyware will block the harmful file from infecting or damaging your system.
  • Light on system resources

    Our Anti-Spyware tool is not designed to slow down your computer like other resource-hungry software. It also does not conflict with your existing antispyware and antivirus solutions.
  • Scheduled scanning capability

    With scheduled scanning capabilities, it puts you in total control. You can customize your computer scans as per your convenience to keep your system free from any harmful infection.
  • Refreshingly intuitive user experience

    The TechGenie Anti-Spyware utility offers the most trusted user experience you were always looking for; thanks to its brand new interface that is simple and effective to use. The program runs silently in the background without hampering your everyday productivity.

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