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Kick Out the Hidden Rootkits Now!

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Get rid of the nastiest rootkits for complete system security

Do you think that installing a good and the most up-to-date antivirus software is sufficient for your computer’s security? Well, think again! Though your antivirus software can give you the most competent protection from all the latest viruses, it might not be able to trace out rootkits that lie hidden in your computers and remain undetected.

Malware-based rootkits are complex and ever-changing. They not only infect your computer and generate untold amount of spam, they also have the ability to steal your confidential details and leak them to hackers and spammers. Now get complete protection from rootkits hidden in your computer using our advanced rootkit detection technology. TechGenie anti-rootkit utility uses heuristic approach and has an exceptional ability to detect and remove complex rootkits and its associated malware that try to take the control over your system for data hack and leak.

Key features

  • Competent rootkit scanning ability

    Rootkits, a form of malware, are multifarious and always evolving. They leak out data and sensitive information to hackers by infecting your computer. Rootkit can be nasty and lay hidden in your computer, which are harder to detect. A timely scanning and removal will help protect your computer from these infections. Using an advanced rootkit detection technology, our anti-rootkit tool quickly scans, detects, and removes even the nastiest rootkit that lies hidden in your computer. It analyzes your system and creates a log of any hidden items that might indicate the presence of a rootkit infection.
  • Safe and reliable

    Overtime, computer becomes a home for viruses and malware programs. For a safe computing atmosphere these malware programs need to be removed. Reliability and safety measures must be taken while choosing the right tool for removing rootkit and malware programs from your system. Our rootkit detection utility can safely and reliably detect and remove all kind of rootkit infections from your system. It can be used both as a stand-alone security application giving you the much needed protection for your PC.
  • Automatic updates for complete protection

    Updating a security system helps in shielding from malware software. Security system needs to be updated regularly to defend from evolving and ever changing viruses and malware. Regular security updates keep our Anti-rootkit tool competent and keeps it up to date. With our Anti-rootkit utility you can be assured that your passwords, personal data, as well as confidential details are completely secure from rootkit infections.
  • In-depth scanning and intuitive interface

    Once in a while an in-depth scanning of a computer is necessary. Scanning on a regular basis keeps a computer safe from hidden viruses and malware programs. Simple, yet effective in its scanning abilities, our Anti-rootkit utility provides in-depth scans for complete system protection. Its intuitive and graphical user interface can be easily used by novice as well as expert users.

So switch to our anti-rootkit utility and get real-time protection to safeguard your computer from all the latest and emerging rootkits and associated malware.