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A program for a safe digital life

An internet connection, no matter how secured can still remain vulnerable to virus and malware attacks. A malware may be big or small in size but nevertheless give you enough trouble and an irritating work experience. A short form for malicious software, malware enters your computer in the form of scripts and codes and may steal important information, stored in it, to misuse later. So, if you have lately realized that unnecessary pop-ups constantly flash across your PC screen or websites that you never attempted to open are opening up, beware! A malware may have intruded your computer. The first thing you could do to keep your PC and data stored in it safe is to avoid clicking on any link that may pop up and immediately close the malicious websites that may open suddenly.

For a convenient and enjoyable computer experience, you surely require deploying anti-malware software that can take care of your PC’s security and guard it against a probable invasion. Anti-Malware from TechGenie is a tool that can help you keep malware intrusions at bay. It is a trustworthy solution to detect and remove malware that may have entered your PC.

Anti-Malware has several features that give you a complete package.

Key features

  • Offers real-time protection

    TechGenie Anti-Malware offers protection round the clock as it scans all data that are received on your PC against a potential threat.
  • Detects malware that are residing in your PC

    Once it is installed, the Anti-Malware program detects all old and new malware infections that may be present in your computer. Accurate identification of a problem helps to act upon appropriate solutions.
  • Does not slow your PC

    While it is doing its job of protecting your PC from malware, Anti-Malware does not slow down your PC’s performance. You can continue enjoying its optimal performance and maximum protection, both at the same time.
  • Removes malware infections completely

    Not just detecting, Anti-Malware also helps you by eliminating all threats from your computer, irrespective of the location it is present in – OS files, registry, computer applications, and so on.
  • Eliminates future risks

    After it has cleaned up your PC, Anti-Malware transforms itself as a shield to cover your PC against any future intrusion and risk.

So, get Anti-Malware deployed on your PC and give it the much-needed ‘safe environment’ against dangerous malware that are looking for their next potential victims.