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About TechGenie

How do you get the best out of your PC? How do you make it work for you quickly, efficiently and easily? No fuss, no bother. Easy, if you have TechGenie.

So what’s TechGenie?

TechGenie is a series of apps and tools that get your PC to deliver the fastest, smoothest, most optimum performance it’s capable of. So while you do whatever it is you want to do on your PC, TechGenie works silently in the background, ensuring that you enjoy doing it! (Yeah, it’s almost magical the way it works. Not for nothing do we call it Genie!)
TechGenie offers a single platform interface and several easy-to-use single click applications: Optimizer, Antivirus, Firewall Protection, Network Manager, Green PC, and many, many others. All designed to make your computer sing. And the best part? You’ll hum along too, with the sheer ease of it all!

Share more, get more!

We’ve designed TechGenie to be shared. So the more you use it and the more you share it, the more benefits you’ll unlock from the TechGenie treasure trove. With TechGenie, generosity pays. Pass it on, pay it forward, do others a good turn and voila! You’ll get more for yourself out of the Genie! So go on to our Facebook page and download some TechGenie magic. Use it to make your PC faster and smoother. Then invite your friends to do the same. Go on, try it today. By the way, do let us know how you like it: Also, if there are any specific features or apps you’d like to see TechGenie offer, just tell the Genie! Same address as above.

More coming soon!

Soon, TechGenie will offer even more apps and tools – not just for your PC but also to make your Mac, tablet, iPad, iPhone and smartphone experience just as smooth and easy! So watch this space, keep in touch on our Facebook page. It’s where all the action is at!

TechGenie. Just one word that means “Happy Technology!”