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Three PC Wishes: Speed | Security | Support
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TechGenie: Ultimate PC Protection

Secures your PC, clears hidden bugs, & optimizes it 24x7!

Why TechGenie?

Since it offers you the best online security, you also get to enjoy…

Absolute security solution for PC, peripherals, & installed programs. Once set, it enables you complete peace of mind.

  • Complete freedom from viruses, worms, Trojans, malware, bots, and more.
  • Online safety by halting unknown threats & tracking them.
  • Ultrafast scanning techniques & instant online identification of new e-threats.
Call Toll free 1 877 770 9245
  • I trust TechGenie to keep my digital life secured. Thank you for this wonderful and easy to use solution.

    Nancy R, Project Co-ordinator
  • I am terrified of online scams & frauds. Thanks to TechGenie, I am in safe hands.

    Ronnie K

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Add the TechGenie Antivirus Advantage to your PC, Mac, & smartphone!

PC Optimizer Pro

PC Optimizer Pro

Cleans & Optimizes your machine in jiffy
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$ 39.99 Per Year
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Total Security

Total Security

Protects you & your family's online identity 24x7
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$ 49.99 Per Year
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3 PC Wishes: Speed | Security | Peace of Mind
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$ 79.99 Per Year
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Free Antivirus

Free Antivirus
  • Keeps your online sessions safe and private
  • Protects from virus, malware & spyware

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Free PC Optimizer

Free PC Optimizer
  • Optimizes your PC and Internet connection
  • Cleans your registry and offers security advise

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Pick the right level of protection for your PC

Complete Security. Enhanced Privacy. 100% Reliability

Whether you have 5 or 500 PCs; need tech support to fix issues or migrate your business to the cloud, we have the plan that’s just right for you. Checkout.

PC Optimizer
PC Optimizer
$39.99 Per Year $49.99 Per Year $79.99 Per Year
• Anti-Spyware tick tick tick
• Anti-Malware tick tick tick
• Anti-Rootkit tick tick tick
• Real Time Protection tick tick tick
• Browser Protection tick tick tick
• Self Protection tick tick tick
• Intrusion Detection : Blocks Hacker's Attack tick tick
• Traffic Filter : Secures Personal Data tick tick
• Password Protection tick tick
• Multi Protection Levels tick tick
• Detailed Activity Report tick tick
PC Tune Up
• PC Optimizer tick tick tick
• Internet Optimization tick tick tick
• Registry cleaner tick tick tick
• Disk Defragmentation tick tick tick
• Security Advisor tick tick tick
Maintenance Tools
• Duplicate File Finder tick tick
• Backup & Restore tick tick
• Encryption & Decryption tick tick
• Common Problem Troubleshooter tick tick
Parental Control
• Enhanced Parental control tick tick
• Keyword Based Blocking tick tick
• Application & Games Blocking tick tick
• Website Blocking tick tick
• Internet Block/Allow tick tick
• Detailed Activity Log tick tick
• Email Spam Filters tick tick
• Email Senstivity Levels tick tick
• Safe/Not Safe List tick tick
• Outlook Toolbar tick tick
• Detailed Event log tick tick
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TechGenie Products: An Introduction & Overview

  • Free Antivirus

    • Works perfectly on Windows 8
    • Prevents rootkit, spyware
    • Secures removable media
    • Keeps program files safe
    • Pro-active threat detection
    • Sheilds your online sessions & transactions
    • Secures your installed browsers like never before
    • 24x7 security for your digital data
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  • Free PC Optimizer

    • Smart, easy to setup & handy
    • Speeds up PC & the Internet
    • Offers you security advise
    • Clears PC clutter & Registry
    • Scans PC and defrags hard drives
    • Makes online sessions unforgettable memoirs
    • Backs up important files & restores lost files
    • Compatible with Windows 8
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  • PC Optimizer Pro

    • User friendly dashboard
    • Registry cleaning facilities
    • Round the clock tech support
    • Windows 8 compatibility
    • Internet optimization facility
    • Backs up & Restores files
    • One click access to troubleshoot common PC errors
    • Defrags hard disks and find duplicate files
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  • Total Security

    • Windows 8 compatibility
    • Secures installed browsers
    • Offers spam filters to manage junk
    • Blocks content as per keyword & applications
    • Pro-active Intrusion Detection
    • Protection for passwords & login details
    • 24x7 safety from virus, malware, rootkit, spyware
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  • Absolute

    • Offers real-time protection
    • Secures installed browsers
    • Compatible with Windows 8 PCs
    • Provides advanced parental control features
    • Logs online action for analysis
    • Optimizes PC & Internet connection instantly
    • Offers distinct sensitivity filters for mailbox safety
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  • Mac Optimizer

    • Perks up your Mac machine
    • Clears unwanted Startup items
    • Traces & clears duplicate files
    • Finds desktop files fast
    • Clears unused languages
    • Organizes data in hard disks and speeds it up
    • Clears unused system preferences, binaries, etc.
    • Maintains the performance of your Mac
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  • Mac Optimizer Pro

    • Optimizes Mac like 'Pro'
    • Clears redundant apps & programs
    • Removes cache, binaries
    • Fixes common issues in Mac & iTunes
    • The Shredder tool removes sensitive data
    • Updates apps even without your involvement


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  • Mac Security Pro

    • Scans critical locations separately
    • Provides real-time threat detection
    • Prevents data thefts & malware
    • Offers customizable scanning
    • Scans folders, files as you need
    • Provides simple scan results & event logs
    • Offers access to tech experts for fixes & security advice
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  • Free Optimizer for Android

    • Latest tech to speed up mobiles
    • Secures mobile devices instantly
    • Boosts the mobile's memory
    • Speeds battery & fixes issues
    • Frees up valuable disk space
    • Manages files and removes unwanted data
    • Clears residual, duplicate, cache files in a jiffy
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